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19-23 December 1738 and following

To be set for a Term of 21 Years or 3 Lives in being, from the 25th of March next, in whole or in parcels.
  A. R. P.
The lands of Coolecashin in the barony of Galmoy and county of Kilkenny, within about 6 miles, of Kilkenny, 3 of Ballygarrett, 4 of Ballynakill, 3 of Durrow and 2 of Freshford being an extraordinary farning[?] Farm, well enclosed, divided and Watered, of which there have not been above ten Acres plowed in teh Memory of Man, containing in plantation measure 530 Acres, 3 Rood, 25 Perches, or in English measure. 42 3 35
Tiffeachney near Coolecashin, together with a good water mill containing 83 Acres Plantation meaaasure, or in English measure 134 8 31
Tiniscarty (upon which is a good farm house) containing 45 Acres 2 Roods, plantation measure, or in English measure 73 2 32
To be Let from the first of May next, for a term of 21 years, or 3 Lives in being      
Balleen adjoyning to the above lands, containing in Plantation measure 452 Acres 1 Rood 25 Perches, or in English measure 712 2 10
And from the 25th of March next, in parcels      
The Town of Freshford, in the Barony of Cranagh and county foresaid, most of which is very rich marley soil, with excellent pasture and Meadows, containing 646 Acres, 2 Roods, 15 Perches, plantation measure, or in English measure

With good Inns and Mills, and Land convenient to be let in said Town.

1047 0 11
Upper Court, several denominations thereof adjoining to Freshford and 174 Acres in Ballyroe near Upper Court containing in English measure 168 1 34
† Note, there are Two yearly Fairs in Freshford, and a patent for a weekly Market, which for the encourage,ment thereof, will be held toll free for two Years to come.

Proposals sealed up will be received by the Rt Revd, the Lord Bishop of Cork at Cork, William BROWN, Esq; at Carlow, Mr. John CROKER, Attorney at his Office in High-street, Dublin, or by William RYVES, Esq; at Upper Court aforesaid, where a Person will attend to shew the said Lands or any part thereof, to any Person inclined to take them.

[Note: John CROKER's son, Thomas CROKER, married in 1748 Anne the daughter of William RYVES by a sister of Robert CLAYTON]

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