Limerick General Advertiser

10 February 1809

  Last week, John DOWNES and Alexander King, Esqrs. Surveyors of Excise, accompanied by Mr. W. REDDAN pro-surveyor, Mr. Thomas PURCELL, probationary guager, and a detachment of the 7th dragoon guards, proceeded from this town to the parishes of Kilnoe, Maynoe and Islands, where they remained from the 1st to the 5th inst. during which time they detected eleven private distilleries and five private malt houses, all at full work; several stills were seized with considerable quantities of malt (chiefly oats) both dry and in process of maufacture, which they got destroyed, with several thousand gallons of pot-ale and singlings and all the distilling utensils.  On making those detections Mr. DOWNES made prisoners of four men, against whom he lodged informations, and handed them over to Henry BRADY of Raheens, Esq. one of the magistrates of the county, who attended those officers, and to whom he gave every aid and assistance in his power.  To such lengths this illicit trade has been carried on in that part of the country, that the chapel, in the parish of Islands, was found converted into a private malt house, and a quantity of oat malt found in process of manufacture and siezed in it.  After going through very great fatigue and hardship this part returned here with the seizures, which they lodged in his Majesty's stores.— We sincerely hope that government and the commissioners of inland excises and taxes, will take those meritorious ifficer's conduct and exertions into their consideration amd confer on them some mark of their approbation.

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