Limerick General Advertiser

24 June 1808

  On the 4th inst. at Gluncullen, near Kiltetnan, in the co. of Dublin, aged 109 years, 8 months, and 17 days, Valentine WALSH, farmer.  This venerable Partiarch enjoyed a perfect state of health until a few days of his death, was a keen sportsman, and a constant companion of the famous Johhny ADAIR, of Kilternan; he was a jovial companion, much attached to his native whiskey, of which he drank regularly two quarts every day in grog, until a week before his death, for like Boniface, he fed on his whiskey, eat of his whiskey, drank his whiskey, and slept on his whiskey.  His funeral was attended by above 500 persons from the neighbouring villages.

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