Limerick General Advertiser

20 April 1819

A Card


Most respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that under the necessity, by a heavy fit of sickness, of a relinquishing for a time, his profession as Classical Teacher in the town of Charleville, is now, (by the blessing of Providence,) so far restpored to an improved state of health as he hopes, will enable him once more to undertake the arduous duties of that Profession.
  His plan and system of Instruction are so well established amd approved of, and his references as to character and qualifications, so well authenticated, as to render a repetition of them here superfluous.  He has, therefore, only to say, that he has fitted up a house in the above town, and is now ready to receive a few Boarders to educate for the learned profesions.
  Parents and Guardians may rest assured, that their usual attention will be paid by Mr. and Mrs. WILLETT to the Health, Morals, and to the personal and general welfare of the Pupils committed to their charge.
—His School opens on MONDAY, the 12th Instant.   His Terms will be found to be moderate.
  >>For further particulard, apply to Mr. SEWARD, George's street; Sir Richard HARTE, Crescent; Dr. FRANKLIN; and at the Office of this paper.

April 20

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