Nick Reddan's Publications


Stylish Stories, My Word! (2013) Purchase

Raw history for old Kilmallock town – a source book for local and family history in the 18th & 19thcenturies (2011) Purchase

Genealogy using spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3)  (1997)

Genealogy using spreadsheets : Excel trees and pedigrees (1998)


The Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland; The Indexer: Vol 32 Issue 2, p64-67, (June 2014)
Note: Available on line through certain libraries including National Library of Australia

The Registry of Deeds Index Project, Ireland; Genealogists' Magazine Vol. 31 No. 2 (June 2013)

The cleric, the poet, the barrister who became a cleric; The Ancestral Searcher V36 No1 (2013)

Obituary: Melva Loas Croker nee Jones (1917-2011) Descent Vol 42 Part 4 (2012) with Carole Riley

Digital photography: a downcast view; The Ancestral Searcher V35 No3 (2012)

If the name Fitz or not, a father is evident; The Irish Genealogist    V 13 No 2 (2011)

Registry of Deeds [Dublin]; The Ancestral Searcher V34 No4 (2011)

Balbriggan in search of Thomas Swan Croker; The Ancestral Searcher V34 No3 (2011)

Major Swan & General Croker; The Ancestral Searcher V34 No1 (2011)

Irish indeed; Ancestors August 2009