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REDDAN of Tuamgraney county Clare (not mine!)

SWAN famlies of Ireland

LEE families of Ireland

Richard (Boss) CROKER descent from CROKER of Ballyneguard

DREW families of Ireland

TAYLOR families of Galway and Limerick

BELLINGHAM famlies of Ireland

Some BENNETT famlies of from Cork and Limerick in Ireland

BARRETT famlies of Ballinduff, Galway, Ireland

CHAMBERLAIN famlies of Ireland and Worcester

Some FORSTER famlies of Ireland

BOWEN famlies of Ireland

RYVES famlies of Ireland

Some WILSON famlies of Ireland

GREATRAKES famlies of Ireland

Some COLE famlies of Cork Ireland

PEACOCKE famlies of Limerick Ireland

WEEKS of counties Limerick and Cork

HOLMES of counties Limerick and Cork, and Isle of White

Some TILSON families of Ireland


BALE bricklayers from Norfolk

DELICATE family of Yorkshire

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