Ladybird books, standard-size hardcovers

My list of Ladybird books    list of over 4,000 titles sorted by series, including hundreds of titles in languages other than English. But stay on this page to see thousands of pictures.

Thousands of pictures of front covers

About this page:

Click on the underlined subjects to see over 3,000 pictures of front covers. I've always scanned the books without their dustjacket if they had one, so that you see the front cover of the book itself. Some pictures have been sent to me by other collectors. In that case I am not always sure whether the picture is of the front cover or of the dustjacket.

Please note that the books have not been sorted strictly by series. For example the Learnabout books from series 634 will be found in at least 3 different groups. The cookery books from series 634 will be found with the cookery books from series 824.

I'd like to thank the collectors who were willing to spend time sending me pictures or scans of their books, helping me make this website very comprehensive.

If you find this website useful, or have any comments, please let me know (I am Nicole), it will encourage me to keep updating it and show me that I didn't waste my time scanning so many books.


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