Kwik EFIS provides a flexible arrangement of display options and functionality. The options can be enabled or disabled in any combination to provide many different display choices.

Below are a few examples showing some of the typical options selected.

Basic Attitude Indicator

A common setting would be for basic uncluttered Attitude Indicator display with the Airspeed and Altitude ribbons enabled.

If valid GPS data is available then the surrounding airports are also displayed.


The monochrome / black and white settings removes most color from the display.

This mode, in combination with the "mirror" setting can be used to project the EFIS onto a suitable combiner to create a Head Up Display or HUD.





This screen shows the flight director enabled and engaged, compass rose as well as the Details page. This is the best performance display with most options enabled.

Active waypoint and selected altitude can be set using the spinwheel style controls on the top and bottom right respectively.

The flight director is unique for each type of aircraft and takes into consideration the v-speeds and performance characteristics particular to that specific aircraft.

Synthetic Vision

This screen shows the synthetic vision enabled in portrait mode. This is the most comprehensive display with all possible options enabled. This option is only recommended on Android devices with good processing capacity. For best performance a recent model Android device is recommended.

The synthetic vision is built from SRTM30.

SRTM30 is the global digital elevation model (DEM) produced by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer)

Realtime rendering of the terrain data to produce synthetic vision is processor intensive.

Terrain proximity

With the digital elevation model active, it is now possible to provide the terrain avoidance warnings:

  • YELLOW - Terrain within 1000 ft
  • RED - Terrain less then 100 ft

    The proximity warnings are only active when speed is greater than 1.3 Vs0.

  • Fault Condition

    Fault condition such as sensor failure or loss of GPS information is indicated with the dreaded RED CROSSES.

    Options and settings

    The settings and options are provided in a clear and simple grouping and is intuitive to use.

    Digital Map (DMAP)

    Kwik Digital moving Map is a companion application to the EFIS. It provides situational awareness and navigation functionality.

    The Kwik Digital moving Map uses the same synthetic vision data as used by the Kwik EFIS. See:

    Airspace data is provided from Soaring Services Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange Airspace

  • N/W Sector: Europe, Russia
  • N/E Sector: USA, Canada
  • S/W Sector: South America
  • S/E Sector: South Africa, Australia
  • Data Packs

    Kwik EFIS provides a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for the provision of synthetic vision and above ground level altitude (AGL).

    The synthetic vision is built from the USGS 3 arc second Digital Elevation Model data (SRTM30). If enabled, it also allows for some terrain collision detection.

    Currently available regions.