Saturday the 17th.

Awoke to find the seas just like a sheet of glass and the sun shining brightly, got some more drill and were were going full steam ahead for Capetown.

Sunday the 18th.

Another fine daye. Usual church parades held and were very enjoyable, the boys all like a real good sing-song. In the afternoon passed a ship and some of the chaps though it was a German submarine, but they were very much wrong for it kept well clear of us.

Monday the 19th.

All excitement on Board as we expect to get into Capetown some time this evening; the day is something beautiful and no drill at all. At about 2 p.m. we would see Table Mountain, so we all got dressed, but we had no need to, for we arrived in the Harbour at about 7.30 p.m., but did not pull into the wharf until next morning. It was a very fine sight coming into the place to see Table Mountain in the distance.

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