Tuesday the 20th.

Pulled into the wharf and were allowed ashore about 10 a.m. marched through the town and halted at the gardens, where we were dismissed. It did not take us long to get back into the town and of course were soon hacing something to eat and were surprised at the cheapness compared with Durban. In the afternoon I went with three other chaps and had a look through the Museum. We spent about three hours there and did not see everything then, it was a very fine place indeed, arriving back to the boat, after spending a very interesting day, about midnight.

Wednesday the 21st.

Rather warm morning, we fell in on the wharf and marched right through the main streets of the town up to the gardens, and after about an hours drill we were dismissed. A party of six of us went mixed bathing until about 3 p.m. we then came back to the town, had dinner, and then had a look through the Zoo, well it was about 7 p.m. when we left and we had hardly seen half of it, so the gentleman, who was showing us round, said. We then went to a musical evening at this gentlemans place, we had a real good evening and it reminded me of home when George used to come over and play his violin and Jess the piano. Arrived back to the boat in a Motor Car, at present doing things in grand style.

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