Thursday the 22nd.

Our lads from the ship held some sports on the oval, and there was a great crowd there and we got a good reception, as we marched through the town to the grounds, a fair corwd of people following us. Arriving at the grounds the sports led off with the 100 yards handicap which was won by a chap named Devine, from Kalgoorlie, after which I went back to the town and went for a trip around Table Mountain. Well it was the best tram ride one could ever wish to have, and a most beautiful view of the town from the top. They call the other side of Tablke Mountain, Camps Bay, there is a bit of a bay there also a swimming bath and any amount of refreshment Rooms, one where soldiers get tea anc cakes free, we had a very good time and were sorry to come back.

Friday the 23rd.

Did not march away from the Boat but were allowed to up on our own and spent the whole of the day in walking around the town, we went into every place that was free for soldiers and had some tea and cakes, it was all right, we shine when we get treated like this free.

Saturday the 24th.

Were not allowed ashore at all drew anchor and sailed about 7 p.m. for Sierra Leone. The sea was just like a sheet of glass, we were a bit sorry to leave after the good time we had. Between the 24th February and the Ninth of March just the same ship reoutine, with any amount of drill.

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