Saturday the 10th.

Awoke to find ourselves in Sierra Leone but anchored out so we could not get ashore. This place, we are told, is very unhealthy for strangers, that is the reason we were not allowed ashore. It is also very hot and we are going around about with just a sinflet and our short trousers on. No drill at all today, the niggers are around the boat selling cocoanuts, pineapples, mangoes and paw baws in their cannoes, and it reminds me of Queensland. At the entrance to the harbour there is a submarine net which stretches from one side to the other leaving a space in the middle just wide enough to let a single steamer through. The people on shore sent us some smokes and they are much better quality that we buy on board only there were not enough of them.

Sunday the 11th.

The usual church parade held, some of the niggers joining in the choruses, they speak very good English.

Monday the 11th.

Drew anchor at about 8 a.m. and set sail once more. It was nice to realize that we were leaving our last port before arriving in England, as by this time, we were all sick of the boat and will be flad to find Mother Earth under our feet again.

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