Tuesday the 12th.

Well out to sea again, Oreders have been issued that every man must from now on wear his life belt all the time and I can tell you it is very awkward drilling with these belts around you. Well between this date and the 20th nothing unusual happened, any amount of drill and rifle practive. However on the 20th March I am very sorry to say we buried a chap off our boat. He belonged to the 24th/11th, and died on the 19th with meningitis, it was a sad sight to see his body drop into the sea.

It is now getting colder everyday and we are gradually getting mroe cloths one to keep our selves warm. Between the 20th and 23th nothing unusual happened everything going on all right. On the 24th passed two boats and were given all our kit, which some of us packed down the hole of the boat, so we must be getting very near our destination now. We were told we may get in on Monday night, we are now getting any amount of boat practice.

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The pic at the top right and background of the page is the SS Miltiades.