Monday the 5th.

Sea much calmer and weather warmer, detailed for guard from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m. the following day. This seems to be unnecessary duty, as there is really nothing to guard, but I daresay it is mainly to keep up to the mark for similar work later on when we get in the danger zone. Tonight, I believe, and for the rest of the journey no lights are allowed on deck after 7.30_p.m. No smoking and all necessary light in officers cabins etc. are shaded. Port holes being covered so you see every precaution is taken to cheat those who would take pleasure in sinking us.

Tuesday the 6th.

Guard duty all day, very cold again. In the evening our unit the 24/16 ths held their first concert. I sang ("Keep the Home Fires Burning") the various units take turn about in giving a concert and some very good programmes are submitted.

Wednesday the 7th.

A perfect day, the sea calm, 19/27th unit held a sports meeting and some very interesting and amusing events were contested. Each Unit on board are to have a similar day and the winners of the various events are to compete in a ship's Championship later on. A concert in the evening. These entertainments help to quell the dreariness of the voyage very much and naturally we look forward to them, just like a lot of school children look forward to a holiday.

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