Saturday the 10th.

Another fine day, further instruction in boat drill, again unit again detailed for guard duty. As only 30 men are needed at present it is five or six weeks before each person is picked for the same work there being 200 men in a unit.

Sunday the 11th.

A perfect day in fact the best day we have yet experienced, and consequently church parade held on deck. It was a grand sight all men being in Dress Uniform and looking spic and span the whole of the portion of the deck between the promenade and Prop deck being occupied, some of the lads were on gally roofs and others up the mast rigging, every point of advantage being taken up. It would have been an excellent Photograph. After the service the ship's O.C. gave us a lecture impressing on our minds that he wanted the troops to behave when ashore in Durban, he stated we would be granted as much leave as possible, and in return we should all behave in a soldierly manner. He is a good sort and has any amount of humour. The troops have also been granted freedom of the decks, which means we can go on any deck we wish, up to date only half of the deck has been granted for our use.

Monday the 12th.

Mail closed today to allow for all letters to be censored, before being posted at Durban. Expecting to see land any day now, we were given our first pay since leaving, 1, not much but sufficient while on board.

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