Mike Glaister's '60s Coupe d'Hiver redrafts

The '60s Coupe d'Hiver E-postal event which operates from Hip Pocket Aeronautics Builder's Forum was devised and sponsored by Mark Braunlich beginning in 2014.

There is wealth of discussion of possible designs, interpretation of the rules and other relevant issues in the thread linked above and also in the preliminary discussion.

The current rules are here. Updated Jan 22 2022

Mike Glaister's drawings of some of the eligible designs are vector graphics embedded in .pdf files.
They can be downloaded and enlarged or printed to any size desired without loss of detail.

AM is Aeromodeller,  AMA is Aeromodeller Annual, MRA is Le modele reduit davion.

"FAA collection" is a collection of drawings held by the Argentinian Aeromodelling Federation.
The F1G - P30 index has original drawings from the 60s amongst others that readers will recognize.
There is a link to the drawings at bottom left of that page.