SimDragon's Lair

Education & Work

I'm one of those people who is best termed a "professional student". I love learning new things. I do work as well - I need to fund my studies somehow! - but if I didn't I would study many, many other things as well...


After I completed high school in 1993, I studied for 6 years at the picturesque University of Western Australia, WA's oldest University. In 1996 I completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physics, and in 1999 I completed a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, with a double major in Information Technology Systems and Applied Mathematics.

At that point I thought I was done with studying... I was getting a little sick of it, and was raring to work full time to earn more money. That lasted about 3 years! Then I decided it was time to study again...

I took up full times studies in Natural Medicine in 2004 (initially while trying to work full time as well... I don't recommend trying that!) I worked towards an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy at 2 different colleges, but were not impressed with either of them, so have given that away for now. I did finish a Diploma in Reflexology through Caulfield College too, and am very, very slowly working towards an Advanced Diploma in Flower Essence Therapy through the LiFE Academy.

And just to keep things interesting, I am also learning Spanish! I am doing a Certificate IV through Central TAFE. I plan to enrol in the Diploma course next year after I finish the Cert IV this year so I can become as fluent as possible! I started studying Spanish just for interest, but now I have more motivation - I need it to speak with my in-laws!


After working in both the public and private sector in a variety of IT roles, I now work from home in two main areas: natural health (primarily using Sound Therapy, which combines my love of music with my passion for natural healing methods), plus freelance web design (I have worked professionally as a web developer since 2001). At the moment I am also working casually as an Information Architect for the University of Western Australia's Web Office.

Other jobs I have had in the past include diverse roles from medical receptionist to music teacher, and high school maths & science tutor! If you are really bored, you can read through my résumé for more information about the various jobs I have worked (among other things!).