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My father initially hit the roof when my sister told him I took a Belief System Quiz and it came up with "Neo-Pagan" as my #1 match, until I explained to him what it meant. It's similar to the New Age belief, but with a much bigger emphasis on living in tune with nature, and without the Christian basis of the New Age movement.

The word "pagan" might evoke satannic imagery, but nothing could be further from the truth. I was brought up Christian, and my ethics are very much based on the core concept of love God (or whatever you define as "God" - for me it's the essence of life) and love one another. I do believe in reincarnation, and despite a very scientific background, I have faith in divination and alternative therapies.

In a nutshell, my belief system involves a deep reverence for life. And that means all forms of life - not just human - and I am vegetarian by choice. It means looking after the earth, not taking more from it than you need, and sharing all resources to the benefit of all. We are all interconnected, so the "do unto others as you would do unto yourself" is a very key concept for me, because nothing is without repercussions on others.

I must admit I still find it challenging to admit to a fervent Christian that I have neo-pagan beliefs. There have been times when I have avoided giving very devout Christian family members and friends the URL for this site in case they reacted badly to the statement that I consider my beliefs to be Neopagan. But why should I hide who I really am? (And if someone is really going to judge me negatively because I have innate beliefs that are very peaceful, tolerant, and anti-converting the rest of the world to the one true belief, then I'm better off not having them in my life... :p)

Neopaganish Links

I have brought together some links about various areas of healing and divination that particularly interest me at this point in time - runes, crystals, and herbs - plus a couple of general interest sites.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

General Pagan Sites