SimDragon's Lair


This is the newest section of my website (added January 2006). The rest of my site prior to then had largely been the usual "this is my family, my job, my hobbies...", but not the "real" me. What makes me tick? What is really important to me (apart from my family of course!). What motivates me? Since a lot of my life decisions since 2003 or so have been aimed at bringing how I life my life in line with my ideals, I thought I would share some of those ideals here.

Save the Planet

Oh my god (/goddess / pacha mama / deity of your choice), Simone's a greenie!!!

I know, I know, what a clichéd heading, but I am very concerned about the environment and trying to do my bit to avoid it getting into an even worse state than it is already, and if possible, try to reverse some of the damage. So what are some of the things I do?

I know that those are all very small things, but I have a grand plan to really practise what I preach... I have a dream to move to an eco-village and live a truly self-sustainable life. Marcos and I had planned to move to Rosneath Farm - we had put down a deposit on a block - but unforunately it lost a legal battle and is no longer an eco-village.

Making the World a Better Place

(Awwwww... more touchy feely stuff...)

Australia is a very, very lucky country. Most Australians don't know just how lucky we are. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and I have witnessed first hand some truly life-changing things:

As a result, I am dedicated to doing what I can to help eliminate poverty and war, and to improve international understanding and goodwill.

The bulk of my work in this area is done through Rotaract and Rotary. In fact, Rotaract is such a big part of my life, I've devoted a whole separate page to it here on my web site! I am so passionate about the work I do there - I enjoy it so much that I wish I could do that sort of work as my day job - really make a difference in the world! I am truly blessed that I have found a life partner equally as passionate about Rotaract. When we both have to move on to Rotary in a year's time, you can be assured we will really make some waves!!

I also support some other organisations, particularly in the areas that Rotary doesn't reach. The main organisations (apart from the environmental ones listed above) are Australia for UNHCR and Save the Children.