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Simone's Pick of Web Development Resources

These are sites I am most likely to reference in regards to "serious" web development. As well as being a portable "favourites / bookmarks" list for my own benefit, I thought they were worth sharing. ;)

One of the best sites to check out is (Internet Related Technologies). The FAQs are immensely useful, and there are articles, tutorials and other resources available for practically all aspects of web development. Another invaluable site is Site Point and its weekly newsletters.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Learn CSS

Browser Bugs

DHTML Script Libraries

Most of the cool sites I used to reference with Javascript tutorials have all disappeared or changed to the point where I don't believe there is enough useful content to link to them anymore... *sigh* If you want to learn JavaScript, apart from buying a book, the best site I can recommend is the JavaScript Reference section of the JavaScript Kit site.

Search Engine Optimization