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          BIKES, BIKES, BIKES - that's all I hear is BIKES...


My first bike aged 5.....well ... my first sit on one. I can't touch the pegs yet though. The bike looks like a BSA X35-0 149cc
but I don't have a photo of a 250 so can't be sure. My Dad was a musician and rode this bike with his saxophone
strapped to his back regularly from Birmingham to Norwich for weekend gigs so I would be surprised if this is a 149cc model.     


                     Now this was my first real bike.... ha ha !!


          My Mom's BSA Dandy moped, complete with tyre hand pump!


                                           1951 LE Velocette
This was the only bike my Mum would allow me to own. Didn't last long though!!


                     Triumph Tiger Cub 199cc souped-up.  



                              Ready for burnouts on the lawn.   


              Boys Day Cadwell Park Lincs July 1964 just before the hairpin.


                              Ragley Hall Worcestershire hill climb 1962    


                                   Prees Heath Wolverhampton 1963


                                Belfry Hotel Wishaw Sutton Coldfield hill climb 1964


                                    Church Lawford Rugby 1964 


                                      Honda CB 250  in 1974



             MZ TS250 in 1974 round Britain rally