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originating in Australia.

The International Telegram service is available for delivery to almost anywhere in the world, now serviced by many companies. You may recall nostalgically not so long ago that telegrams were delivered to your home by a messenger boy on a bicycle who doffed his cap before presenting the little envelope to you as you opened the door.

Times change but the thrill of receiving a telegram will still be present. You may wish to tell someone close to you that you are thinking of them so far away. A telegram will do that and have more impact than an email.
It's simple to send a telegram maybe for that family wedding in Italy, a special occasion in Greece, a twenty-first birthday, a retirement, a good luck message, an anniversary, a bereavement.

The recipient of such a telegram will more than likely keep it as a momento rather than keep a card.


Where to lodge a telegram.

(in Australia.)

By Phone: 1300-663886. Australia Post. Australia Post
By Telex: Not available.
Service not available over the post-office counter..

Rev: 14th July 2009