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The Morsecodians Fraternity of Western Australia (Inc.)

Our members are interested in preserving and showing others the skills they learnt many years ago on PMG and other morse land-line and radio circuits.
When the last telegrams transmitted by morse were sent after the early 1960's, it became a lost language to many. Some ex telegraphists, postmasters and postal clerks kept morse alive by private practice and in some cases by forming clubs such as the popular Sydney Morsecodians Fraternity.
Other states were forming groups so it was natural for a bunch of enthusiastic Western Australian morse operators to meet one glorious November 1996 morning to form a group.
Perth is well known to be the most isolated capital city in the world so we proceeded to narrow that gap by communicating! With the advent of the computer age and telephonic connection through a modem, some technically minded guru worked out that it was possible to also transmit morse by similar means. What a concept! A dial-up net is formed.

In the old days we had repeaters every so many miles and highly qualified people to frequently adjust them. Now the telephone line does it all. Our morse signal to the modem, modem to the telephone line, along the telephone line to a distant modem and into a compatible morse set anywhere in the world. The only limitation, your telephone call budget.
We connect via the telephone line by using a morse key, a simple interface circuit, a 300bps modem and a sounder/buzzer. These old 300bps modems are CCITT tone standard with some units having the Bell standard. 
We can now communicate via the internet using our morse code key plugged into the computer serial-port and enjoy our skills world-wide with other enthusiasts. To participate, download the free software "CW Communicator" from http://www.mrx.com.au

Charter members - Inaugural meeting 8th November 1996

Back: Col Smith, Brian Chugg, Chas Spalding, Barrie Field, Ken Knox, Ric Crameri.
Front: Ron McCormick, Richie Bright, Frank Fletcher, John Meadowcroft, Phil Heydon, Larry Rice.

The Fraternity meet 3 times a year at a social club and organise regular special events transmitting telegraph messages with authentic morse-code telegraph equipment.

Significant Events:-

1996 8th Nov.                    Inaugural meeting to form "The Morsecoders of Western Australia".
1997 3rd Nov.                   Name changed to "The Morsecodians Fraternity of Western Australia."
1997 19th May                  Fraternity granted "Incorporation".
1997         Nov.                 Members attend Wireless Hill Telecom museum Sats/Suns 2pm-5pm.
1997 15th-16th Nov.         Albany to Eucla telegraph connection (8th Dec 1877) commemorated at Albany.
1997 23rd Nov.                "BM's" news bulletin on the Dial-up commences.
1998 21st Mar.                 NCRG + South Australian & Western Australian members - Eucla trip.
1998 8th Nov.                   Participated in annual "Hamfest" at invitation of NCRG (Northern Corridor Radio Group).
1998 23rd Dec.                 Fraternity granted "Income Tax Exempt Charity" status.
1999 1st June                    Armadale outpost commences operating Tuesdays 10am-1pm.
1999 21st June.                 Commemorated 130th Anniversary of W.A's 1st telegram Perth-Fremantle.
1999 7th Nov.                   Hamfest 1999. participation.
2000 June.                         Jarrahdale telegraph office commences operations on an 'as required' basis.
2000 29th Oct.                 Hamfest 2000. participation.
2001 7th-12th May          Centenary of Federation commemoration - telegraph circuit Perth-Adelaide
2001 25th Oct.                Centenary of Federation - Re-enactment arrival 1st train Adelaide to Perth.
2001 30th Nov.               Armadale replica Post & Telegraph office officially opened.
2002 24th Feb.                Last regular attendance at Wireless Hill - ah hoc attendance provided on request.
2002 27th Sep-5th Oct    1st attendance at Perth Royal Agricultural Show with telegraph display - huge success.
2002 29th Nov.               Australia Post's launch of member Ric Crameri's "Dot Dash to Dot Com" book.
2002 2nd-6th Dec           125th anniversary of opening of Inter-colonial telegraph line with circuit to Glenelg SA.
2003 Aug/Sep/Oct          Telegraph artifacts loaned to the Perth Cultural Centre for a 3 month display.
2003 27th Sep-1st Oct.   Telegraph display and demonstrations at Perth Royal Show - again a great success.
2004 16th-26th Jan.        1st participation as a receiving station for telegrams from Tamworth country music festival.
2004 2nd-9th Oct.           Royal Show - continuing success story.
2004 16th Oct.                Wireless Hill open day - telegraph display and demonstrations of morse and teleprinters.
2004 24th Oct.                Midland Workshops open day - telegraph demonstrations.
2005 14th-23rd Jan.        Receiving stations at Armadale OP and Markalinga House for Tamworth Country Music Festival.
2005 9th May.                A telegraph presence restored at the former Eyre telegraph repeater station.
2005 24th Sep-1st Oct.  Perth Royal Show - going from strength to strength.
2006 20th-26th Jan.       Tamworth Music Festival - all telegraph receivals handled at Armadale this year.
2006 15th-17th Sep.      York 175th year celebrations - school visit and telegraph display with demonstrations.
2006 11th-12th Nov.     Northam International Festival - telegraph display and demonstrations.
2006 13th Nov.             Celebratory luncheon at Hyde Park hotel because we've survived, indeed thrived, for a whole decade.
2007 21st Apr.        Alice Springs Heritage Week.
2008 18th-27th Apr        Alice Springs Heritage Week.
2008 3rd June        1st Hampton Park Scout Troop HQ demonstrations and talk on telegraphy
2008 27th Sept-4th Oct         Perth Royal Show - a great success as always
2008 12th Oct        RailFest at the Railway Museum Bassendean.
2008 18th Oct        Kelmscott Show - demonstrations to visitors
2008 4th-5th Oct        Mukinbudin School demonstrations and talks on telegraphy
2009 18th-24th Apr        Perth Royal Show - a great success again
2009 3rd May       Kalamunda History Village Celebration Day - Demonstrations all day, great day

                                                                                Members dress accordingly:-

Committee special event 2001 
Perth WA

L-R: BACK: Ken Knox, Barrie Field, Larry Rice. FRONT: Richie Bright, Terry Keays, Alan Jolley.

MFWA Committee.

 Hon. President:  Terry Keays, 39 Cumberland Way, Bassendean WA 6054.
 Vice-President:  John Meadowcroft, 22 Megalong Rd, Nedlands WA 6009.
 Secretary and Treasurer:  Richie Bright, 475 Crawford Rd Dianella WA 6059
                               (08) 9276-6936 jarbright at tadaust org au 

Asst Secretary/Treasurer:  Allan Greenslade, 7 Rundle St Kelmscott WA 6111.

Sydney Morsecodians Fraternity.

Po Box 877 Kingswood NSW 2747
 Gordon Hill.
 Hon Secretary:
 Les Edwards (02) 4721-5671.

The International Morse Code:
Morse Code table.

Morse software with features such as simulated sounder, nostalgic page headings, International Code/American Morse etc, compiled with landline telegraphy in mind, is available through Jim Farrior The Mill

revised 14th July 2009