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Welcome to the home page for Voices from the Past, the filktape I produced with Fiona Undy with some help from her brother Cameron back in 1986, when we were young and keen and besotted with Blake's 7. Fiona wrote the music to go with my lyrics, with Cameron putting his hand to two of the pieces (I wrote the music to one) and Fiona arranged them all and sang on most of them. Additional voices were supplied by myself and Susan Lake.

As Gambit we released the resulting tape of filksongs. We had done something a little different though - filk music is usually folk-influenced, and most often based on existing tunes. We had produced almost entirely original work, with one exception, and all the original songs were pop and rock influenced. Cameron's heavy rock approach to two of the songs took many traditional filkers by surprise, but the style we had suited the material.

The question some of you have been asking for the last two paragraphs is "What the hell does filk mean? Filk, or a filksong, is a corruption of folksong. Its exact origins are lost in time, but it's believed to be a misspelling which occurred when describing a long-term activity in science fiction fandom - that of reworking the lyrics to old folksongs.

If you'd like to know more about the people who made the tape, check out our biographies:

Fiona Johnson

Narrelle Harris

The Songs

The songs for Voices From the Past were written over a two year period after all four seasons of the BBC drama Blake's 7 was made. In the end, as much by coincidence as design, we had three songs for each season, and the television seasons coincided so well with the actual seasons of the year that we decided to name each section Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. From the first flush of hope to utter despair. It seemed pretty fitting.

Each song had ideas and inspirations, and some of my views on the characters and what drove them. I have put a short note explaining some of this on The Songs Page.

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