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The Life and Works of Eric Frank Russell

28 April 2010
John Ingham's biography of EFR is now available. It's called "Into Your Tent", 375 pages (including over 50 of photos and illustrations) with a forward by Alan Dean Foster. It is available from Cold Tonnage Books. If you would like more information, contact John at

Welcome... the website devoted to the life and works of the Golden Age author, Eric Frank Russell.  I spent many years compiling lists of his books and short stories, hoping to one day find and read them all. Having 

Thank you to all those who have contributed to the site with news, corrections and additional information. 

Due to a distinct lack of time, owing to my own creative work and day job, plus a recent issue surrounding copyright issues on items on this site, I am trimming it back to the basics - the bibliography and biography, and a few of the comments.

Please note that almost all this information has come from other people, and not from my own first-hand checking of sources.

If anyone wishes to seek permission to use any of EFR's stories for films, comics, extracts on websites or any other issues relating to his stories and intellectual property, write to the literary agents of his estate, Pollinger Limited, 9 Staple Inn, Holborn, London, WC1V 7QH, England.

Enjoy your stroll through the worlds of Eric Frank Russell.

Narrelle Harris

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