Shadow Man
The Life and Works of Eric Frank Russell
Dreadful Sanctuary was published again in 1951 by Fantasy Press and again in 1967 by Fantasy Reading
Next of Kin/The Space Willies is based on a short story called 'Plus X' (1956)
The Great Explosion incorporates the story "...And Then There Were None".
Design for Great-Day is an expansion of the short story written by Foster. The original story was written in 1955
First Person - Singular; The Witness; Last Blast; Homo Saps; The Timid Tiger; A Little Oil; Rainbowís End (also Afternoon of a Fahn); The Undecided; Second Genesis  NOTE: First Person - Singular not included in all editions
Jay Score; Mechanistra; Symbiotica; Mesmerica
The Waitabits; Tieline; Top Secret; Nothing New; Into Your Tent I'll Creep; Diabologic
FAR STARS (1961)
The Waitabits; P.S.; Allamagoosa; Legwork; Diabologic; The Timeless Ones
The Sin of Hyacinth Peuch; With a Blunt Instrument; A Matter of Instinct; Iím a Stranger Here Myself; This Oneís On Me; I Hear You Calling; Wisel (also Mr Wiselís Secret); The Ponderer; Sole Solution; Rhythm of the Rats; Me and My Shadow; Bitter End
Somewhere A Voice; U-Turn; Seat of Oblivion; Tieline; Displaced Person; Dear Devil; I Am Nothing
Allamagoosa; Hobbyist; The Mechanical Mice; Into Your Tent Iíll Creep; Nothing New; Exposure; Ultima Thule
Mana; Jay Score; Homo Saps; Metamorphosite; Hobbyist; Late Night Final; Dear Devil; Fast Falls the Eventide; I Am Nothing; Weak Spot; Alamagoosa; Into Your Tent Iíll Creep; Study In Still Life
Allamagoosa; And Then There Were None;The Army Comes to Venus; Basic Right;Dear Devil;Diabologic;Fast Falls the Eventide;Hobbyist;Homo Sap;I Am Nothing;Into Your Tent I'll Creep;Jay Score;Last Blast;Late Night Final;A Little Oil; Meeting at Kangshan; Metamorphosite; Minor Ingredient; Now Inhale; Nuisance Value; Panic Button; Plus X; Study in Still Life; Tieline; The Timid Tiger; Top Secret; The Ultimate Invader; The Undecided; U-Turn; The Waitabits
Creeping Coffins of Barbados, The Riddle of Levitation, Satanís Footprints and
The Ship that Vanished appear in the anthology The Great World Mysteries (1958) 
Hyphen: EFR wrote numerous letters to this publication and a number of articles under the name of Obadiah Pip.
Short Stories:
The Mechanical Mice: This was written from an idea by Russell's friend, Maurice G Hugi. Russell helped Hugi with extensive rewrites and it was first published under both their names. Later is was printed with Hugi getting sole credit, though the reasons for this are unclear.. (Thank you to all the people who responded to my mailing to clarify this point.)
Homo Saps: Two men, taking their camels on the trade routes of Mars, finally learn something new about the silent inhabitants of that planet. Unfortunately, that's not all they learn. This story was originally written and published under the name 'Webster Craig'.
Nuisance Value: The galaxy is at war, and it's up to the seven captains of a small Earth ship to sew confusion and havoc as prisoners of war in an enemy camp. Fortunately, humans have a skewed view of what it means to be a prisoner, so it's not hard.
This is one of my favourite EFR short stories: from the throw-away comments about Snow White and the stubborn fatalism of the other captives to the foaming-soap scenes and the turn of former-prisoners becoming revitalised soldiers of the new army of Gath, it's full of humour and the joy of human ingenuity.
Muten: This was written and published under the name Duncan H Munro.
Seeker of Tomorrow: This was co-written with Leslie T. Johnson.
Invisible: This story is a reworking of "Shadow Man", with slight changes.
Plus X: This short story was later reworked to become "Next of Kin", which was itself slightly shortened to become "The Space Willies" in 1958.
Study in Still Life: Once more, EFR gives beaurocracy a thorough going-over. This time he gives it the works. Anyone who has ever been in the armed forces or worked as a public servant will find it especially delightful.
Tieline: First published under the name Duncan H Munro. Generally, I dislike seagulls, but this story about a lone and lonely man keeping galactic watch from a watery world actually makes me think fondly of them from time to time.
Allamagoosa: This story won the 1955 Hugo for best short story.
Down Rover Down: The Case for Earth was published under this name in the November 55 edition of Nebula
Sustained Pressure: The Army Comes to Venus was published under this name in Nebula in December 1953
Eternal Rediffusion: I had incorrectly put this down as an article earlier.  It was in fact a metaphysical piece of fiction about life and death, written in about 1936 from an idea by Leslie Johnson.  The story was rejected by Astounding and finally resurfaced in 1973 for an anthology.
Hell's Bells: This was published under the pseudonym Duncan H Munro
Ik Ben Hier Zelf Ook Vreemd: This Dutch anthology contained eight stories as follows: "Een stem" (Somewhere a Voice);"Boemerang"; "Het ritme van de ratten" (Rhythm of the Rats); "Had u geroepen?" (I hear you calling); "Een kwestie van instinct" (A Matter of Instinct); "De ontheemde" (Displaced Person); "Ik ben hier zelf ook vreemd" (I'm a Stranger Here Myself); and "De Kalmaners" (The Waitabits)
U-Turn: First published under the name Duncan H Munro.
The Courtship of 53 Shotl 9G: First published under the name Nialle Wilde.
Heart's Desire: First published under the name Nialle Wilde.
Anything to Declare: First published under the name Nialle Wilde.
Short Stories