The Darius Transitions Book One :
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"Turning back, he saw that something was forming slowly within the golden light. It was vaguely humanoid, though it was almost three metres tall. There was something… animal… about the shape of its head..."

Darius Ibrahim is not having a good week.

He's been threatened by a knife-wielding maniac on a London train, interrogated by a mysterious warrior woman beneath the city's streets, pursued by a military death squad in Melbourne, had his new girlfriend kidnapped and held hostage in Prague, and been captured and taken to another world.

And it's barely been three days since his life started to fall to pieces.

On top of all this, he's developed a bizarre ability that allows him to teleport in quite unusual circumstances - an ability that several deadly enemies will do anything to gain control of.

In a desperate struggle involving alternate worlds, Egyptian mythology, ancient prophecy, malevolent felines, underground railway stations and the power of dreams, can Darius long survive the arrival of his newfound power?

The first volume of The Darius Transitions, Mind the Gap, is available now! This fast-paced fantasy thriller novel is sure to appeal to fans of science fiction, fantasy, parallel worlds, alternate dimensions and magic. Written in a snappy cinematic style, it draws on the best traditions of science fiction TV, film and fiction.

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"Absolutely gripping and action packed..."
"You throw us straight into the action, draw your setting economically, and build tension with great skill..."
"Well-written... cliff-hanging..."
"Accomplished writing and a gripping story..."
"Incredible suspense and great action..."
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Buy Mind the Gap now for Kindle or iBooks (for other e-readers, see here).


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