The Incident / Complaint Report is an Access program for Nursing Homes. It is a system to review service delivery, identify any weaknesses and plan corrective action.


The legal mandate of the Aged Care Act 1997 dictated quality improvement and accreditation as essential to your aged care facility. Fundamental to attainment of accreditation is the continuous review of operations to improve outcomes.

I have built a system to review service delivery, identify any weaknesses and plan corrective action, so that your practice is consistently achieving aged care standards. Designed completely in Microsoft Access, Incident / Complaint Report will help you analyse the incidents and complaints in you facility. It allows the creation of your own reports dependent on dates, persons and locations, with analysis against time of day, same time last year and type of incident. These reports provide a intuitive review of service and identification of weaknesses for the planning of corrective action.

The complete system costs $2022.53. Included in the package is a Master Incident / Complaint Form to be changed to suit your needs, a User Manual and individually registered program. This is one plan that will achieve the standard within a acceptable time frame.

Our commitment to you is a full 90 day guarantee against defects in system design and program functionality.

To demonstrate the power of this program, I have a Free Trial Version.

Report Dialog

The report dialog is the heart of all analysis. For each report you are prompted for its date range and by default it is set to the pervious 30 days. You can specify if excluding complaints, including complaints or only complaints. If you want a report for only one person then you specify them in the Person Involved/Offender combo box.

The Incident/Complaints Involving combo box and list box, allow the examination of only incidents / complaint that meet certain criteria. In the following example the report will only include incidents in the Hostel.


There are five types of reports:

Index Reports Generates a detailed listing of incidents/complaints.
Summary Reports Totals all selections to show where and what happen most often.
Time Reports Graphs the spread of incidents/complaints over time periods of weeks, months, quarters and years.
Cumulative Reports Adds all incidents/complaints together than occur in specific time intervals like hours of a day, days of a week and months of a year and finally hours/day of a week and graphs it.
Section Reports Same as the Summary Report except that it is graphed.

Each report has on it the type of report, date the report was printed and is page numbered. All selections made in the Report Dialog are displayed on the top of the first page of the report.

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