Paul Fisher's Family History

I am endebted to my father Tom Fisher for much of the material on these pages, which has been collected and collated over a number of years.

The family history provides an outline including brief biographies of ancestors dating back to the middle ages.

Thomas Fisher
(1819 - 1891)
The first of the Fisher family in Australia, Thomas was born in Wales and emigrated to NSW in 1854. This entry includes details of life on the emigrant ships of the 19th century.
James Roe
(1818 - 1887)
James was my great-great grandfather. An English clergyman who was transported to WA for forgery. There is a considerable amount of interesting information here, including the full transcript of his trial, and a very long letter to his brother, describing the life of a convict in Victorian England and in the colonies.
William Campbell
(1834 - 1897)
William Campbell, like James Roe, was transported to Western Australia as a convict. Unlike Roe, however, William was a habitual criminal, who had been convicted of a number of crimes. The final straw came when he stole a handkerchief while on parole - for this he was sentenced to 15 years.
Patrick Stone
(1854 - 1926)

Patrick Stone was my great-grandfather. A well-known "merchant" who went on to become a member of the state parliament. Again, there is a wealth of information about Patrick, but also giving an insight into the lifestyle of rural Australia at the turn of the century.

John Elphinstone
(1722 - 1785)

The military and navy have always played in important role in the history of the family. John Elphinstone, although a Scot, rose to the rank of Admiral in the Russian navy.

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