Kwinana Freeway Master Plan

Thomas Road to Safety Bay Road

including new interchanges

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The Kwinana Freeway, stretching south from Perth to Kwinana, WA, has been extended to take motorists another 11 kilometres to Safety Bay. In a major contract valued at over $100 million, GHD was commissioned to design the new section of freeway plus a 6-kilometre upgrade of Safety Bay Road to dual carriageway, convert five at-grade intersections to intechanges, reconstruct one carriageway of the existing freeway, and construct two tunnels to accomodate a future passenger railway.

The project has alleviated traffic pressures in Kwinana, reduced travel time between Perth and the south-western suburbs and improved the amenity for Kwinana and Rockingham residents by taking traffic away from built-up areas.

Under project manager Paul Fisher, GHD prepared a master plan report for the extension, and concept plans for the conversion of intersections to diamond interchanges. The first phase included site survey, traffic studies, environmental and heritage investigations, geotechnical investigations, noise and air quality modelling, landscape architecture, preliminary road design and preliminary bridge design.

The master plan was nominated for a prestigious Institution of Engineers excellence award.

On completion of the master plan, Main Roads called for "design and construct" tenders for the whole project. Due to a change in planning for the future south-west metropolitan railway, tenders were subsequently re-called with a diferent specification. GHD operated two separate design teams, one for the Transfield / Macmahon Joint Venture (led by Paul Fisher) and one for Thiess Contractors (led by Geoff Smith).

The Thiess bid was successful, and GHD, together with bridge consultants Bruechle Gilchrist & Evans, carried out the detailed design and documentation. Paul Fisher was appointed as review engineer to ensure the correctness and quality of the road design.