Paul Fisher - Professional Interests

I have recently retired as a professional engineer involved in the investigation, planning, design & documentation of infrastructure, with special emphasis on urban and rural roads, highways, freeways, and railways.


What I do

I was a principal transport consultant, GHD Perth, specialising in rural and urban highways, freeways, and transit. Here are some of my projects...

  • I was a member of the Gateway Vision team looking after two components of the Gateway WA project, the Orrong Road Expressway and Great Eastern Highway / Tonkin Highway interchange. The main part of the project includes substantial upgrades to Tonkin Highway, two system interchanges and three service interchanges.

    The Orrong Road expressway and ultimate development of the Great Eastern Highway / Tonkin Highway interchange will be part of future works.

  • I also managed design verification for the South Road Superway in Adelaide.

  • I was the project manager for a major planning and feasibility study for the Perth Bunbury Fast Train for the PTA.

  • Through 2006/07 I was a design consultant for the Karratha - Tom Price Road Stage 2, a 90km link through rugged country in the north-west of Western Australia.

  • I was the study manager for the Kwinana intermodal freight terminal, a planning study to identify a suitable terminal site and provide concept designs.

  • I was team leader for the civil design and documentation of the Perth southern suburbs railway "Package E".

  • I was the GHD project manager for the Kwinana Freeway master plan, which was nominated for an engineering excellence award.

  • Roe Highway Stage 1 - my first big road project

  • Roe Highway Stage 4 & 5. I was design manager for this major project, which has won both the Master Builders' Association Excellence in construction award and the Institution of Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence award.

  • Two older public transport infrastructure projects - Kwinana Freeway transitway and Causeway bus lanes.

Some of my clients

Previous positions