About Us

Welcome to the Southern Lions Rugby Union Football Club abbreviated to South's Rugby.  South's Rugby is now a paying tenant of Murdoch University and enjoys the excellent facilities including our Clubhouse being part of the University Tavern, the use of the Guild Gymnasium and the expansive playing fields.

Our Aims are:

  • Serve the Rugby community South of the Swan River.

  • Promote good, fast Rugby for home grown talent.

  • Provide a sporting resource for local youth.

  • Offer a warm welcome and support for touring players and teams.

Club Information:
In 1987 we were established as Fremantle-Leeming RUFC and took the colours of the original Fremantle Rugby Union Club. Kingsley Bailey, one of our founding members and an original member of the Fremantle club continues to be an active member of the committee and leads our fund raising sub-committee. Our name was changed in 1994 to Leeming RUFC. With the aim to grow, in 1998 we vigorously started recruiting and attracted committee, coaches and players. Given the influx of talent and the desire to grow to further accommodate the development of our juniors we changed our name to Southern Lions which has been abbreviated to South's Rugby.

The Lion is our club’s emblem and the change from a suburb name was done in order to give us freedom in our future growth and expansion. This desire came to fruition in late 2003 when we completed an arrangement with Murdoch University and the Guild to move onto the campus. This has been an excellent move as access to great facilities and 3000 students most in their late teen's/early 20s is combined with the structure and stability of our Club which comes from having all aspect of the club including Juniors, Colts, Seniors and our Rampant Rebels under the one constitution. This provides the students with a competitive and strong Club that is not exposed to a continually changing committee and player base which is something that traditionally effects University Rugby Clubs.

South's offers rugby opportunities for players of all ages, from under 8's to over 80. We have a very strong Junior base with team(s) in all age groups. Our seniors include A, B and C Grade and Colts and a Ladies side. The Rampant Rebels are the "Golden Oldies" team associated with the Club and the elder players enjoy the social life after competition.

Although the aim of the Lions is to promote local talent, we offer an open door to touring players and teams who may play for any grade they choose (if they are good enough!)


Players at the Lions come from many parts of the world including Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, and the Pacific Islands. Travelling players are offered assistance in finding accommodation and work of some kind, certainly enough to get settled. Several players normally band together and share accommodation and even work. Access to the site is good with the Freeway only a short distance away and bus services passing the ground. Player accommodation is good, with rental properties available close to the city (the bright lights) and to the grounds. Touring players should contact Mike Penhaligon.

The Lion’s grounds are conveniently placed on the Murdoch University off South St turning into Windelya St with good parking and pleasant surrounds. The playing arena consists of three fields, a small but comfortable bar and canteen and four dressing sheds. After the day's play we as a community shut the grounds facilities and make the 300m trip to the Guild Tavern where the South's Rugby Bar is located. The Tav has pool tables, jukeboxes and all the added attractions one would expect to find at an University bar, the back bar is decorated with our memorabilia, is open six days a week from 10am to closing time, has very attractive bar prices and is the best presented Rugby Bar/Clubhouse of its type in WA. We have also been fortunate to receive sponsorship from Bundaberg Rum. Our club over the years has amassed an impressive array of trophies. The Champion Club Player is the top award with the trophy being a solid bronze football. “The Ball” is the most sought after trophy in the club and the recently introduced "Boot" as the Hard Man's trophy.


Looking for Work?:

If you are looking for work and don't mind casual outdoors work then you will be pleased to know that the Club now has a sponsorship arrangement with 'Blue Collar People'.

These guys specialise in short term, casual work and the entry requirement is an introduction from the club, transport and boots. If you need some work and don't mind casual then these guys will find work for you.

We are looking for a similar arrangement with a longer term permanent placement company, more to follow on that when known. 

Southern Lions Healthy Club Policy:

The Southern Lions RUFC recognises the need to ensure that all participants are educated about tobacco, alcohol, medications and other drugs, in order to prevent or reduce potential harm. The good health of all participants should always be the first priority.

The development of a workable drug free policy is an essential outcome of a risk assessment evaluation for any sporting club or association. Southern Lions RUFC is a healthy club and as such has a policy that addresses smoking; sun protection; sport safety; alcohol and other drugs; and healthy catering, as follow.

1. Safe Drug Use Practices: · Ensure that medications are used when needed and according to directions. · Adopt and be guided by the Sports Medicine Australia Policy on the administration of medications by non-medical personnel. · Discourage the use of medications in respect of injury/recovery that would enable a participant to compete where they would not otherwise have been able to. · Educate participants through the delivery of drugs in sport information at courses conducted by the WARU.

2. Moderate Alcohol Consumption And Smoke Free Environment: · We comply with the Liquor Licensing Act 1998 including: Not selling or supplying alcohol to an intoxicated (drunk) person. Not serving to intoxication. Ensuring the quiet or good order of a neighbourhood is not frequently disturbed by activity occurring at the licensed premises or by patrons in the vicinity of the premises. Not allowing the sale or supply of alcohol to people aged under 18. · We ensure that alcohol is served in a responsible manner. · We provide food, water, non-and low-alcohol alternatives at the Clubhouse. · We adopt and implement a smoke free policy for all indoor venues and events under Southern Lions control including the Clubhouse and we will not sell tobacco products at any Southern Lions event. · The Club promotes its own venues/activities as smoke free. · We have a smoke free policy for bench, playing areas and changing rooms for all players, coaching staff, referees and other team officials.

3. Misuse Of Drugs Or Substances: · We adopt and abide by the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Doping Policy. · We provide appropriate education for participants as to the potential harm of using substances banned under the ARU Doping Policy. · We ban the use of substances listed in the ARU Doping Policy at all Southern Lions activities. · We do not allow participants under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs to participate in training or play in matches, in order to prevent harm to themselves and other participants.

4. Supporting Elite Athletes: · We provide drug education to all elite athletes and coaching/administrative staff of State Representative teams in order to ensure that athletes with conditions requiring the therapeutic use of drugs that are banned or restricted, have provided adequate and correct notification to the Australian Rugby Union. · We encourage elite athletes to behave as appropriate role models for junior participants. 

5. Sun Protection: · Shaded seated areas are provided for spectators and the club stocks and supplies sunscreen to players and supporters. 

6. Sport Safety: · All coaches are trained in the techniques of warm up and warm down and Club policy requires warm ups prior to playing or vigorous training. · Any Healthway sponsorship funding received will be allocated to the provision of training physiotherapists in attendance and to pay for Club Members attending first aid training. · Rugby is a contact game played in a robust manner and Southern Lions RUFC takes its sports safety duty of care seriously. 

7. Healthy Catering: · We encourage healthy catering and at home games, the players as rostered donate home cooked stews. This encourages healthy eating and ensures that substantial food is available before players consume alcohol.

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