Contact: Nancy Leathem.

John RANDALL was tried at Manchester 1785 for stealing a silver watch chain, was then sent to the Ceres Hulk, then 1786 delivered to the Alexander for transportation for 7 years. He remained in the country. He states his birth place to be New Haven Conn. Nth America. 21/2/1788 married Ester Howard 'Lady Penryn' (1788). She died 11/10/1789, no issue. He then married Mary Butler 'Neptune' (1790).

He recived a land grant on the Northen boundaries, which he sold to Joseph Holt in 1801, who described him as a "well made black about six feet, played the flute and tambour well". Randall would sell his land cheaper if he could get him in to the NSW Corps choir. Randall joined the NSW corps and was described as "a black" from North America.

In 1802 his wife Mary died leaving three children. One was Mary Randall, b.1793, who married his fellow ship mate John Martin, another Negro. He left in 1810, then became a Sydney Town Constable. He left this position, then in 1817 a John Randall, acting chief constable, was murdered in Tasmania.

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