Contact: Margaret Sealey

David DENSHAM (also known as Dunstan/Dunster) born c 1764 was a carpenter and came from Bramford Speke Exeter. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing carpenters' tools in 1790. He was imprisoned in The Hulks before sailing on the "Atlantic" (Third Fleet) which left Plymouth on 27/3/1791. The "Atlantic" sailed into Sydney Cove on 20/8/1791 after a voyage of almost 5 months.

In 1794 he married Mary Mullender (a convict from the "Lady Juliana"). They had 6 children, two of whom married into the Turnbull family of Portland Head.

In 1804 he was made a grant of 90 acres at Mulgrave Place, a further 60 acres at Kurrajong in 1825, and 100 acres at Liberty Plains in 1831. He became a respected member of the Windsor community and did carpentry work on the Ebenezer Church at Portland Head, now one of the oldest churches in Australia still used for regular worship.

His misfortune of being transported in 1791 has certainly proved to be beneficial to his many descendants who are now spread over much of Australia.

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