Research Interests - January 2001


I started this quest in January 1999, wanting to find out a "little" about my Ancestors after the death of my Father. Little did I know that it could become an addiction. The main thrust of my research is to concentrate on the Western Australian content of my Family tree and to flesh out the life of my ancestors - including the ship and journey to Western Australia - and trace their descendants.

All of my ancestors arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia and here is a thumbnail sketch of their details:

A more extensive list of the surnames I am researching is shown below. For further information about any of them, please contact me at

Locality KEY
ABBS   Tuttington NFK ENG pre 1802
AITKEN   Chapel en le Frith DBY ENG 1791
ATKIN   Chapel en le Frith DBY ENG pre 1770
BARKER   Wakefield YKS ENG pre 1718
BECKET   Tring HRT ENG pre 1784
BECKETT   Tring HRT ENG 1807
BELL   Cropwell Butler NTT ENG pre 1765
BINNINGTON   Thurgarton NTT ENG pre 1611
BIRCHE   Calverton NTT ENG pre 1576
BIRDE   Cropwell Bishop NTT ENG 1593
BOUSTER   Mansfield NTT ENG pre 1604
BOWER   Wath upon Dearne NTT ENG pre 1761
BRANSTON   East Bridgford NTT ENG pre 1519
BRAUNSTON   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1631
BROUGH   East Bridgford NTT ENG pre 1615
BURD   Cropwell Bishop NTT ENG pre 1619
BURTON   Radford NTT ENG pre 1652
BYRDE   Cropwell Bishop NTT ENG pre 1558
CARPENTER   Illogran CON ENG pre 1788
CARPENTER   Camborne CON ENG 1834
CARPENTER   Fremantle
WA AUS aft 1876
CARRINGTON   Shelford NTT ENG pre 1626
CARTER   Clapham SRY ENG pre 1784
COCK   Tring HRT ENG pre 1783
COKE   Tuttington NFK ENG pre 1784
COOK   Tuttington NFK ENG pre 1782
COOK   Clapham SRY ENG pre 1800
COOK   Thwaite by Aylsham NFK ENG 1804
COOK   Norwich NFK ENG 1841
COOK   Fremantle WA AUS aft 1850
COOK   Essendon VIC AUS aft 1857
COOKSON   Shelton NTT ENG pre 1574
COOPER   Cropwell Butler NTT ENG pre 1787
COOPER   Fremantle WA AUS aft 1856
CROCKETT   Tring HRT ENG pre 1754
CROCKETT   Fremantle WA AUS aft 1877
CROCKETT   Northampton WA AUS aft 1880
EBBS   Ormsby NFK ENG pre 1804
EDGCOMBE   Illogran CON ENG pre 1795
FLINDERS   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1591
GIBSON   Arnold NTT ENG pre 1609
GIBSON   Nottingham NTT ENG 1629
GILL   Wath upon Dearne YKS ENG pre 1701
GODFREY   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1532
GREAVES   Gedling NTT ENG 1647
GREVES   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1537
HARMER   Westwick NFK ENG pre 1778
HOLLOBE   Mansfield NTT ENG pre 1569
HOWETT   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1701
HOWITT   Selston NTT ENG pre 1650
HUNTER   Tithby NTT ENG pre 1600
HUNTER   Mansfield NTT ENG 1660
HUNTER   Woodhouse NTT ENG 1688
HUSKINSON   Colston Bassett NTT ENG 1617
HUSKINSON   Cropwell Bishop NTT ENG 1659
HUSKINSON   Lowdham NTT ENG 1750
HUSKINSON   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1787
HUSKYNSON   Colston Bassett NTT ENG pre 1539
  IRL pre 1821
JOHNS   Breage CON ENG pre 1834
KETT   Westwick NFK ENG pre 1760
KIRK   Chapel en le Frith DBY ENG pre 1819
KIRK   Fremantle WA AUS aft 1865
KUCKSON   East Stoke NTT ENG 1672
KUKSON   Shelton NTT ENG pre 1642
LOUE   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1562
LOVE   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1562
MALTBIE   Orston NTT ENG 1528
MALTBY   Orston NTT ENG 1594
MALTBYE   Orston NTT ENG pre 1498
MAN   Flintham NTT ENG pre 1568
MAN   Hoveringham NTT ENG 1682
MAN   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1703
MAPLES   Tythby NTT ENG pre 1597
MASON   Shelford NTT ENG pre 1511
MAULTBEE   Hoveringham NTT ENG 1651
MAULTBY   Hoveringham NTT ENG 1627
MAUSON   Wath upon Dearne YKS ENG pre 1751
MAWSON   Wath upon Dearne YKS ENG 1775
MOORE   Handsworth YKS ENG pre 1700
OATES   Wakefield YKS ENG pre 1714
OATS   Stannington YKS ENG 1751
PALFRAMAN   Snenton NTT ENG pre 1617
PALFRAMAN   Thurgarton NTT ENG 1673
PEARSON   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1526
PECK   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1706
PECKE   East Bridgford NTT ENG pre 1543
PEPPER   Hoveringham NTT ENG pre 1503
QUARENDON   Tring HRT ENG pre 1803
REED   Clapham SRY ENG pre 1795
RICHARDS   Cropwell Bishop NTT ENG pre 1537
RICHARDS   Madrom Penance CON ENG pre 1833
RICHARDS   Camborne CON ENG 1855
ROWTON   Woodhouse NTT ENG pre 1633
SANSOM   Mansfield NTT ENG pre 1565
SCARTCLIFFE   East Bridgford NTT ENG pre 1543
SHARP   Orsdall NTT ENG pre 1658
SHARP   Flintham NTT ENG 1694
SHARP   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1727
SHEPMAN   Cropwell Bishop NTT ENG pre 1539
SIMPSON   Wath upon Dearne YKS ENG pre 1700
SIMPSON   Wadworth by Doncaster YKS ENG 1727
SIMSON   Nottingham NTT ENG pre 1606
SMEDLEY   Woodhouse NTT ENG pre 1654
SMEDLEY   Mansfield NTT ENG 1676
STACEY   Handsworth YKS ENG 1723
STACEY   Todwick YKS ENG 1747
STACYE   Handsworth YKS ENG pre 1702
STENT   Mansfield NTT ENG pre 1645
THOMSON   Nottingham NTT ENG 1589
THRAMPTON   Colston Bassett NTT ENG pre 1579
TOMSON   Nottingham NTT ENG pre 1563
TWIGG   Rotherham YKS ENG pre 1723
TWIGG   Wath upon Dearne YKS ENG 1758
TWIGG   Swinton by Sheffield YKS ENG 1826
WADSON   Todwick YKS ENG pre 1748
WALKER   Burton Joyce NTT ENG pre 1582
WALKER   Gedling NTT ENG 1611
WALKER   Bulcote NTT ENG 1636
WELDON   Westwick NFK ENG pre 1760
WELLS   Tring HRT ENG pre 1809
WENE   Gedling NTT ENG pre 1534
WHARTON   Tring HRT ENG pre 1780
WILSON   Skegby NTT ENG pre 1684
WILSON   Mans. Woodhouse NTT ENG 1711
WINTER   Clapham SRY ENG pre 1811
WINTER   Fremantle WA AUS aft 1870
WRIGHT   Kilvington NTT ENG pre 1506
WRIGHT   East Bridgford NTT ENG 1533
WRIGHT   Sheffield YKS ENG pre 1725

Nov 1, 2001