What is AIGOR?

Aigor was born in February 1997 from a meeting of the Moto Guzzi Mailing List and the aus.motorcycles newsgroup.

Broadly speaking, the purpose of aigor is to provide a focal point, a spiritual home on the internet for Moto Guzzi owners in Australia.

On a practical level, it consists of this website, a mailing list, and most importantly, the members. The people who own, ride, and love Guzzis.

The website is intended to serve as an information resource. A place you can go to find dealers, workshops, a bike or parts, as well as meet other Guzzisti, learn about rallies & events, and generally stay in touch on a national level.

The mailing list is where the main activity occurs. Only members can be on the list (ie, receive list mail), but anyone who meets the simple criteria here can join. Drop by and say g'day.

Membership has grown steadily to it's present level of around 400, and will no doubt continue to grow, as more Guzzisti discover the internet, and hopefully, more people discover Moto Guzzis!

Keep the Mandello eagles flying, and watch out for tintops!

Bryan Both