Sir Frederick Samson and Family

This page was made as an entry in the 1996 National History Challenge by Beth Gouldthorp and Rebecca Peters. It won the WA State Finals, as well as the year 9/10 section, and was one of the national finalists.
The aim of our challenge is to acknowledge the contributions and efforts of the Samson Family, particularly Frederick Samson and his importance in history. Beginning from Lionel Samson's immigration to Australia, this presentation will take you through the Samson House, the home of Michael Samson and family, to the achievements and retirement of Sir Frederick Samson, Mayor of Fremantle for twenty-one years.

  • The Samson Family - 130 Years of Service

  • Family Background and History

  • Sir Frederick's Childhood and Life

  • Sir Frederick's Achievements

  • Samson Family Tree

  • The Samson House

  • Samson House Photos

  • Mr. Fremantle

  • Bibliography