Peter LowePeter Lowe

Fine Wood Sculptor and Woodturner

Peter Lowe was a fine wood artist who created carved woodturnings from indigenous Western Australian timbers. The dust finally got to him and he's temporarily retired. The following gallery provides examples of his work. He will be back!
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The Gallery

Forked Tongue Bowl
Turned bowl with carved tongue
Material: Marri & Sheoak
Size: 200mm diameter
more enclosed forms...

Turned and carved platter
Material: Jacaranda & Sheoak
Size: 350mm dia.
more bowls and platters...

Discovery Vessel
Turned and carved vase with offset base
Material: Allocasuarina fraseriana (Sheoak)
Size: 540mm high
more vases...

Winged Box
Turned box with natural edge wings
Material: Western Myall
Size: 250mm long
more boxes...

Turned and carved form
Material: Allocasuarina fraseriana (Sheoak)
Size: 170mm diameter
other strange things...

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