<Dance Couple>

Involving either a team of two skaters or a solo skater, dance involves the performance of a set or custom-designed dance to music. Unlike ballroom dance, skate dancing is normally performed with a single skater or team on the floor at a time, because skilled skaters will use an entire 50 x 25 metre floor, performing at high speed.

Dance skaters will tell you that their discipline might lack just a little of the flat-out excitement of freeskating, but is a lot more fun.

While most dance skaters use normal "quad" roller skates for dance, there are several competitive grades for those who prefer inline skates. There have been cases where one skater of a dance couple skates on inlines while the partner skates on quads. A good pair of "street" skates will get you started, but you will probably soon be looking for a set of "artistic inlines" that will give you more control.

<Solo Dancer> So you can see what skate dancing is about, a few videos and photos of dance skaters in action -

At left: Lisa Cottrell, Cadet Solo Dance

and three videos of three levels and styles of dance:

Allan Wehlow and Helen Jackson, Advanced Masters Dance
Peter and Barbara Rye, Masters Dance
Calista Aliphon, Juvenile Solo Dance, Monterey Tango
Alizanne Finnemore, Junior International Solo Freedance

Dance is truly for everybody - our youngest dance skaters are in primary school, our oldest are in their 70's.

Morley's main dance training sessions are at 6:15 pm (beginners), 6:50 pm (intermediate) and 7:25 pm (advanced) on Mondays. Please feel free to drop in and check out the action.