Artistic Photos.

When Morley Rollerdrome started, proficiency tests did not exist, so the rink started its own - called "Achievement Tests", which they felt expressed better what the skaters were achieving.

You'd be hard pressed to make a case that the current badges are anywhere near as good as the old ones!

Allan Wehlow in a class with trainees, looking very 80s-ish.

The girl in rhe pink skirt at the front is Melissa Jetten, who went on to skate dance at gold level, then moved to inline hockey at world level, then to ice hockey at national level.

Showskates for the public were an early feature - notice the audience seated on the rink floor, at the right. The space around the outside of the rink wasn't enough.

A dance pair takes the floor in a Rollerdrome-based competition.

Believe it or not, the girl in the centre is Melissa George, the first time WA hosted the artistic national championships.

- plus a few other faces, some of which you might recognise.