Rollerdrome Photos.

This can only be the Rollerdome's opening - Eric Lomman at left and a young-looking Eric Millett at the right

Many of us know that when first built, the rink was much shorter - the remnants of the join where the new section was added are still a bit in evidence.

But have a look at this one. The building only extends to the alignment of the current inner toilet / office walls. There are "roll-a-doors" along the wall - and the audience area is "very squeezy". The extensions were obviously sideways as well as lengthways.

If you look carefully, you can see the rearmost floor entry behind the arm of the official on the right, pretty much at the back of the rink. (Check here for an enlarged view)

Incidentally, the Morley skaters are in red and white outfits. Very different to today's!

At the front, the same general picture - the far wall of the skate box (which looks to be exactly where it is now) is the building wall, with another roll-a-door. The rightmost of the two other floor entries is exactly as now, the other only being closed off in 2010.

Have a look at the 'Rollerdrome Archaeology' item under 'The Lighter Side' menu to see a photo of the remnants of the old rink wall.

At the front, the DJ box is in the same place, but the Pro Shop is where the small party room is now, beside the kiosk. (Note no carpet on the walls yet)

And not an inline skate in sight! (of course)

One clearly taken by a proud owner, "post extensions" - pristine floor (at least 25 years less wear than at the moment).

But the Pro Shop is still in the old place.

A Rollerdome / Morley Panthers Christmas party at Whiteman Park - Alma flirts with Santa!

Party time ... it's the 80s, don't ask!

Showskates for the public were an early feature - notice the audience seated on the rink floor, at the right. The space around the outside of the rink wasn't enough.

The Rollerdome even had its own bus in the early days.