Speed Photos.

Taken before the floor was extended - Morley skaters are in red and white outfits. Very different to today's!

Lined up for the start. And, in the early 1980s, not an inline skate in sight (of course)

Another race at the Rollerdrome. See how the oufits have started to change.

Medal presentation at a Morley-based event.

Australian speed team, Eric Millett as manager, along with:

Front row: Susan Currell, Desley Hill, Megan Hanlon (now Gower), Debra Beveridge, Laura Stoker, Cheryl Hickman, Brietta Patman
Back Row: Michael Byrne, Chris Luxton, Glen Margetts, Anthony Dodd, Brayden Jones, Gary Ryan, Eric

(Thanks to Anthony Dodd for the full list)

Desly Hill in an accustomed position.