The Way Things Were Done In 1990

Kylie Webb has passed us some items from her skating past. They'll be of interest to anyone, not just her students.

Back then, everyone who went to the National Championships in 1990 received a participation certificate - hers is an example. They also had a competitor's pass, because in those days spectators had to pay to get in (That went by the wayside about 15 years ago). Notice her membership number - W0246; each state then had its own set of numbers (W = Western Australia, Q = Queensland, etc)

She also received an Australian flag brooch button - along with it in the image here are a star class badge from the old Kwinana rink, a WA badge - AFARS was the name before RSA (Roller Sports Australia) and Skate Australia - one from Modbury in South Australia, and one from Morley.