Arms of Peace - Per Pale Gules and Or, on a Sinister Gauntlet Sable a Cross forme counter charged within an Orle of chain Argent
Welcome to the medieval bower of
Peter D'Gaunt Noir

which is to say me.
Arms of War - Per Pale Gules and Or, on a clenched Sinister Gauntlet Sable a Cross forme counter charged within an Orle of chain Argent

Here you may find out a bit about your humble narrator and maybe my view of this whole medieval hobby thing. 

<>As may be considered traditional in these circumstances I will be eventually waxing lyrical about all sorts of stuff but for now I have limited my self to a few photos and links to things of interest. 

Don't panic there is a link to facilitate your escape should you so wish, just follow the crowd above.

To either side you will see images of my consort the most wonderful  
Lady Genevieve du Montfleur

Consort Squires Knights Links   Gallery 

What can I say, if you think it would be fun to try and whack a friend or two with a sword or run around a field shooting at people with arrows (or both) - while they are trying to do the same to you then you really need to come and play.

If you are interested in knowing more then please go here,   
<>The Western Wolves are a local war unit with a Crusader theme, and if knowing what you are up against is your thing, these are some of the Retinues orUnits  you are likely to face here on the Western Shores.

Your humble host and his Consort  for without a consort how much less is what we do and who we are.

And where would any Knight be without his trusty Squires...

This should be a picture of a hairy Kondrak This should be the picture of Lief
Lord Kondrak              Lord Lief              Lord Marcellus
Some of the other fighters I would gladly stand beside ...

Lord Gideon Alexander Sinclair
Squire to Sir Randal

Lord Jochen Schwalbe

Me Brudder!

Lord Columb mac Diarmata Fighter/Gentleman

Baron Creag Macghille Andrais


Lord Conan Wolfshaven
Fighter/House Dad
Squire to Sir Randal
Lochac Knights of the Western Shores
Sir Andre de Montsegur

 Or a double headed eagle collared with a chain argent,   counterchanged per pale sable and gules, maintaining a goblet gules and a sword sable, within a bordure counterchanged per pale sable and gules

Sir Gregory of Loch Swan

Argent, a swan displayed collared with a chain or,
and facing sinister sable debruised by a fess
azure and Or 

Sir Randal Mallard du Guerre

Per saltire gules and argent, two compass-stars
elongated to base argent and two single-headed chess knights reversed sable

Sir Snorri Ottarson

Sable, a serpent nowed,
head erect, on a bordure argent, an orle sable

Sir Kane Greymane

Sable, within a orle of chain argent in pale two lions
couchant Or, crined argent

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My Gallery such as it is...

Genevieve my inspiration and life

Arms of War

The first Lochac Combat of 30
Rowany Festival 2006

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At some point I will write of things both learned
clever and that will impart great wisdom,
it is also likely I will also step upon the soap box

but not today : )

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The Ubiquitous Links

Slowest armourer in the knowne world


Antiques made while you wait!

Last for now but by no means least,

"Balingup Medieval Carnivale"
a week end of merriment, fun,
medieval displays and market stalls.



Purveyors of various medieval merchandise

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