The bower of

Lady Genevieve
Greetings and welcome my name is Genevieve du Mont Fleur and I invite you to dwell a while in my bower where you can put you feet up and we might discuss things of shared interest. Perhaps you would like a cordial, light mead or nice cuppa tea?

Yeah - I know cuppas are not quite european medieval but they are simply to good to go without,  especially Chai Tea, and whats a few hundred years between friends?

Before I forget any rose on this page should bring you back to here,
and the Bells should take you back to our encampment.

For those interested in such things you may want click on the fleur-di-lis to read about my society persona, a persona in the sca is neither essential nor earth shattering in its lack. However it sometimes makes it easier to choose your next garb project or similar, plus the creation of it in itself is a pleasant way to while a way a few hours and besides it is a really good way of dusting off your creativity and to brush up on casual research skills. 

Of course for those of you who are like me and have to know absolutely everything I can tell
you that Montfleur is in the Jura province of France and looked a bit like this.

Castle Montfleur

The Chateau and Castle at Montfleur

Having promoted research into your persona, I must confess that I do not stick to any one time, country or culture. Rather I much prefer to wander through the corridors of time, pages of costume books and pattern catologues until such time as mood and inspiration take me.

If you are interested in such things please follow the links below to peruse some of the garb I have created or would like to. 

Follow the young girl at either hand to go to our Resource Page.

Milieux a vast mulit theme costume site
Costumers Manifesto
Byzantine Info
 Genevieve's Costume, Needlework and shopping page


We might also discuss brewing, an activity that you might say has it's own rewards. I was quite pleased to have successfully presented for competition a couple of burnt wine cordials, quite effective in their intended purpose. Although to be truthful I am not convinced they would be useful in the treatment of cyanide poisoning.

<>Please follow the monks to find the brewing path and remember
"never drink, because you are alone"


    Always remember if dressing up doesn't make you feel special whats the point?    

A bit later when forresters can be found
pathways will be opened to a number of my other interests but for now it has been a pleasure and thank you for visiting, please call again.

So for now the end