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Western Wolves

Welcome to the Home page of the Western Wolves
and virtual gateway to their War related activities.


Currently this page is like the conrois of the Western Wolves, and still developing.

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What may you ask are the Western Wolves, well they are  a group of people who want to promote combat in the areas of SCA War, Skirmishes & Meeles.  These activities include workshops, symposia, combat practices, kriegspiel, and the ubiquitous and some believe essential Feast/BBQ and movie nights. Casual participation is easy just turn up say hello and join in.  To become a Western Wolf  just tell me you want to be part of the unit and mean it, the rest is easy in comparison but basically involves, to stay in just keep turning up and joining in, to get better just keep turning up and joining in lots, and to have fun just turn up and join in.

    How to be a Western Wolf  
The Western Wolves will provide loaner equipment and aid to those who wish to participate in combat. In exchange for which you will be expected to fight for the Western Wolves for a hundred years, don't worry early release may be negotiated : )

As a new recruit you will be required to make or otherwise aquire your own equipment plus help with unit spares, and attend training and musters - don't worry about making equipment
as we are all expected to do the same thing the rest of us will help.

Once in you will be entitled to wear the war tabard and a place up the sharp end, as a Dogsoldier or Talon you can hope to meet lots of other fighters and kill them all or die gloriously trying - don't worry the rest of the wolves will help.

Eventually for special occassions the Wolves will be attired in standardised Pot Helms and long grey Tabards suitable to the Crusading era circa 1250.  If you find any difficulty in wearing a closed faced helmet a flat bar grill may be substituted.

Each Western Wolf will be responsible for making, arranging or otherwise acquiring a Tabard.


Tabards will be of plain dark grey material , knee length, sleeveless, split front, and back with black trim at hem, neck, and arms. Trim can be approximately 10-15mm wide and choosen according to personal tastes as long as it is black. It is up to each individuals if they lace the sides or simply have a pull over tabard - NB lace up sides can improve the look. 

Alternativly the Unit may wear tabards of plain black with a white emblem on the chest.

As authorised Dogsoldiers and Talons you can add a demi sleeve to the right arm trimmed in the colour of your Lance. You may even decorate it with a black sword, or arrow or crossed sword and arrow depending on your combat authorisations.

Once lances are fully established lance colours will be proposed by the lance members, and approved by the Captain. Gold and Silver are reserved.
Lance Corporals may if they want add a demi sleeve to the left arm, black trimmed in the choosen colour of the  Lance.

Any Pages who wish it may add a demi sleeve to the right arm trimmed in the same fashion as combat lances, with a black wolf head.

Camp Followers if they choose to wear a tabard or similar
may add a demi sleeve to the right arm trimmed in the same fashion as combat lances.

Shields of War:
As materials come to hand the front rank will have kite sields approximately shoulder to knee in length.  Painted in grey to match the tabards, they may eventually be trimmed in the colours of the Lance and with a dark maroon cross fleury throughout.

When constructing war shields the length should allow you to kneel without having to hold the shield at an angle and thus keeping your poor tender bits coverd against missile fire.

Dog Soldiers

Carry shields (front rank encouraged to carry war shields) and single handed weapons. They will be as the rock on which our enemies shall founder or as the avalanche that sweeps all before it : )

Captains Guard -

Guard Infantry carry either shields and single weapons or two handed weapons, Guard Missiliers use some form of bow.

Talons -
Plumed Combatants
Carry Bows, X-Bows, Javelins, Bungeelista etc...  - skirmish forward of the line, retire to support positions on closer contact. They are the like the wind that shall tear apart our enemies or the raging sea that will sweep them away. 

Lance Corporals - Infantry
When sufficient troops pass muster will command  a Lance,  it is preferred that they be armed with a pole weapon of choice.

Siege Engine Crews - either plumed or non plumed depending on their authorisations.

Non Contact
May be banner bearers, scouts etc armoured but not armed, prone to falling down or running away when threatened by rattan wielding enemies.

Camp Followers
Cooks, bottle washers, camp builders, water bearers, armourers, etc etc... non combatants - bless them each and every one.
They are encourage to practice archery  and consider participating as marshals. 

Pages are invaluable to any War Unit they may assist with arming the members, running important messages, serve at feast, help to set up camp, guarding the camp itself and the 101 other things essential to any such gathering of nobles.
Pages may also choose to be trained and particiapte in the youth combat game, target archery, and the learning of such arts of peace as befits a young noble.    


 Kingdom of Heaven, Knights Tale,
Spartans, Braveheart, Kingdom of Heaven,
Robin & Marion, Kingdom of Heaven,Gladiator, etc...

or whatever else floats your coracle...

Joining Muster Roll Activities Troops Types
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