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Welcome to Perth - Western Australia! These are Phil's Web Pages, and home of the Meaningful Lyrics Area.This and subsequent pages are best viewed with Netscape or IE in 800x600 16Bit+ resolution. These pages may seem dated by today's "Flash-Shockwave enhanced" standards, as they are pretty much unchanged in format from 1995, when I first started an experiment to see if I could write HTML! Any comments or suggestions you may have are welcomed.

Musical Note Meaningful Lyrics Area

The pages in this area are devoted to a collection of song lyrics that have one thing in common - I considered part or all of their lyrics to have some meaning or impact. I have always liked to put a small song lyric quotation on cards and letters that I have sent to friends, and so have tried to find a song to suit every occasion ! Maybe what you're looking for is here, or perhaps you might just find the words to a song you like... (It's also a good representation of the sort of music I like.)

I regret that I simply do not have enough free time to locate lyrics for visitors - Try typing your lyrics, title, artist or whatever into your favourite seach engine, as this generally turns up some leads. Sorry...

Meaningful Lyrics Area. Show us your lyrics ! (Also Available Unframed)
Lyrical Suggestions. Nice lyrics, but what can I do with them ? (A few examples !)
Wanted Lyrics. Can you help with any of these lyrics ?
Lyrical Links. Some links to other Lyric related sites.

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Music Line

Memorial Tribute to my Father

A small tribute to my Dad who passed away in February 2003 may be found here.

Music Line

USA Flag Tips for (North) Americans Visiting Oz !!

G'Day Mate ! If you don't think there are many cultural differences between Australians and Americans, then this page is for you ! It wasn't until I lived with an American Gal that I learned just what peanut butter and jelly sandwiches really were ! Yummy - NOT !

So, if you're an American planning on paying us a visit Down Under, take a quick cultural primer by checking out these Real Life Tips for Americans Visiting Oz !

Quotation Quotation Station

"Life is something to do when you can't get to sleep" - Fran Lebowitz

For more of my favourite quotations, visit the Quotation Station.

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Info ? About Me

A bit of information about me and the things I like are hidden away on the About Me Page.

Comments? Comments or Suggestions

If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, requests or just want to drop me a line, then below is the place to click !

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"If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail"
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