Westlink Multimedia -  National distribution  and media servicing through Phantom Music WA and MGM Distribution - What you Get.

National Distribution - Your CD is available to over 500 leading edge retailers Australia wide, all independent record stores, Sanity and HMV Stores.   It is listed in Platterlog and Eros and in MGMís new release catalog which is mailed out monthly to retailers. It is also available for export if there is a demand.-Radio is also more likely to help promote an artist if national distribution is in place

Servicing of 200CDís to media, Record Label A&R, Street Press, Booking Agents, Community Radio etc. - If the record is not serviced properly then no-one hears it, no-one plays it or writes about it, and ultimately no-one buys it.

50 Promo copies to Band. - These are for the band to sell at launch or do what they wish with.

Barcode on Product. - Many stores require a barcode so they can order, stock and reorder the product, and to set up your own EAN number would cost close to $1000.

Quarterly Statements and sales reports. - This helps an independent artist manage cashflow and plan startegies for their bands development.

Low Distribution Fee of 25% of the wholesale price of the product. - Many other distributors in Australia charge  30%  of WP.

Cashflowed Repressing - If the CD is selling well or high rotation on radio, Phantom WA will cashflow the repressing in lots of 300 to reduce financial pressure on the artist.

What it Costs.

500 CDís @ $2.20                                                      $1100

Sales tax on 250 Promo  2.20 x 250 x 22% =           $121-00

Barcode fee plus Eros fee (40 + 6)                            $46-00

Servicing Cost (Postage, Envelope & 1 Page Bio)   $500-00

Total  Upfront Cost                                                     $1767-00