".... Hereís a story about a band named Stoneface
who were busy with four chords of their own..."

Sweaty Palms is the latest instalment of the Stoneface saga (CD number 3). Choc-a-block with rocking tunes and stylish moves.

Stoneface photo The bands penchant for mega-melody accompanied by powerful and intense riffing is well documented in the Perth live scene, but itís now also captured on CD in Sweaty Palms. Here they have successfully checked their machoisms at the door and come up with a quality rock recording with an emphasis on strong songs. (yeh. baby!!)

One thing must be understood about stoneface and that is their no bullshit attitude to playing music. This attitude accompanied by the bands healthy disrespect for the furrowed brow of the current rock scene allows them the scope to play anything from acoustic ramblingís and sensitive odes to pop ditties and hard core rants.

The debut gig of the band was before 10 000 people at an outdoor rock festival just two weeks after losing their first bass player. What did they do? Simply reshuffle the remaining line up, move the rhythm guitar to bass, get the keyboard player to play guitar, pull together a set in two rehearsals and receive a huge crowd response normally reserved for touring acts.

The recorded output of the band since itís inception in August Ď95 is a testament to the prolific song writing of three of the band members (Frank, Vito, and Francis). The self titled EP(Sept 95) and the Debut Album ĎDeep Friedí (Aug 96), both garnered much favourable press and Airplay on both sides of the country.

"For those who enjoy pure hard rock, stoneface are a band that exude great presence and powerful delivery" Rhonda Khamis - Xpress

"For a no mess, no fuss, quality A1 rock album, check out "Deep Friedí" Damien Siverwright - Xpress

"This bands sound is crisp, clean and precise, jammed with melody" Ara Jensen - Revue

" The overall sound of Perth four piece stoneface is impressive to say the least...." N.W. Rebel Razor

Both recordings were self financed and the bands live reputation aided by their frantic gigging schedule, grew to such a degree that in the past twelve months they have been added as special guests on tours by Midnight Oil, The Screaming Jets, The Angels, The Fireballs, the Baby Animals, The Fauves and Hunters and Collectors.

"Probably our greatest gigs on these tours were the opening of the new Perth Metropolis with Midnight Oil. Unbelievable !!! 4000 people each night amped and vibing about a huge new venue and show." says Frank " and we got this awesome response, even the guys down the front shouting Oils!! Oils!! the whole gig were going nuts by the end."

Of course each band member has their own favourite gig for different reasons but they all agree that the best fun they had was a full tour of WA with the Baby Animals in the summer of 96/97.

"We had this el cheapo van, loaded it with all our stage 3 gear, and clothes and drove from Perth to Kalgoorlie to Esperance to .... I forget." says Vito. "Anyway, it was summer, bloody hot and we had to sit in the back of this van with no windows. We almost killed each other, but we had such a great time playing and drinking beers with the Baby Animals that all the shit became bearable."

It was on these country runs that the band found a whole new audience, who now travel miles to see the band whenever they head back to the bush.

With overseas interest growing in Deep Fried, and the new Sweaty Palms album being released nationwide on Phantom Musicís Rocket Label, the band are preparing for an Eastern States onslaught in February 98.

Keep an eye out for them they may even bring Alice along too!!!

Some other things you should know about stoneface:

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