International Travel
Students may apply for an international travel grant up to a maximum of A$250.00 to attend conferences, workshops, courses and for herbaria and laboratory visits.  To apply for a grant, use the ASPAB International Travel form. The form and accompanying receipts should be submitted to the ASPAB Secretary within 6 months of return and will be assessed by the ASPAB Executive.  The amount available each year is limited and the actual amount paid will depend on the number of applications.  Grants will only be paid AFTER all the relevant criteria have been met.

Only one successful grant will be awarded to any student for international travel.

Grants will considered if the following criteria are met:-

Students must attend an international conference and give a presentation, participate in an internationally recognised course or visit a recognised herbarium or laboratory.  Proof of particpation is required and should be in the form of a letter of acceptance from conference organisers, course co-ordinators or laboratory administrators.
A Proof of Student Status letter on Deparmental letterhead and signed by the supervisor or Head of Department is required. 
Proof that travel was actually undertaken (eg copies of boarding passes etc).  In the event of non-attendance due to medical reasons where the student is unable to claim refunds of fares or expenses, a copy of a Medical Certificate should be forwarded to the Secretrary.  Once sighted by the Secreatary, the certificate will be destroyed.  It will not be shown to any other person
A student must have been a member for at least 12 months prior to application.
Recipient must submit a review of their travel for publication in the ASPAB newsletter, of the work they undertook.

Closing dates for applications for international travel grants are 15th April and 15 November in each year. Applicants will be advised by 15 May or 15 December respectivelyApplications must be sent to the secretary along with the following information as appropriate:-itinerary and receipts or quotes for the fare.